Ceiling Displays

Alert trade show traffic to your location or shoppers to your promotions with custom hanging signs

Visible to practically everyone, from almost any location, ceiling banners and suspended ceiling signs are great signage solutions for trade shows, stores, auditoriums, airports or other locations. Suspended above the crowds—and with little competition from other signage—hanging ceiling signs from Image360 Scottsdale are practically a “can’t-miss” way to advertise your location or promote your messages.

Available in round, square, triangular or custom shapes, our suspended ceiling displays are constructed of fabric over lightweight metal sign frames for easy hanging as well as ready takedown, transportation to the next event and storage in-between.

Image360 Scottsdale is up for any ceiling display challenge and ready to create your ceiling hanging banners to your specific dimensions and budget! Of course, your one-of-a-kind designs can feature your company's logo, name and graphics in your brand colors.

For more information on your many affordable choices in trade show hanging signs and related solutions, schedule a consultation with Image360 Scottsdale by clicking the “Start a Conversation” button or calling directly 480-368-7446.

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Ceiling Displays
Ceiling Displays
Ceiling Displays
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